TrayvonMartinHooded What transpires from the judgment and perception of the facts as they happened, not only the instinctive revulsion toward a judgment racist murderer, a poster for the contempt of life. A life on his debut, whose only concern should have been the sweatshirt right to go to the party of friends and being able to find the cute girl to start with a story of awkward tenderness, or new songs on the Ipod to be exchanged with friends , the task of chemistry that just did not go the way you wanted, chores homemade by which maybe you can buy yourself a new skateboard. Concerns facetious, adolescent, changing and read like pimples on the face. Made daily concerns of all that the world should be for a teenager, and instead it did not happen. It ‘hard to be a teenager in’ America post “cure” Bush, especially if you’re a “nigger.”
And ‘This is the tragic dimension and scurrilous of a country that wants to stand as a model of civilization and export its democracy around the world with systems that are not too different from those adopted by the killer Gorge Zimmermann to impose its own vision of justice and safety. What shines through, beyond the curtain of crap that surrounds this entire tragic history of racism from squalid town America including judgment is black blank made out of fear and uncertainty in which that country has plummeted. the continued perception of imminent danger also represented by a 17 year old boy who is going home at dusk. What transpires is the psychological dimension in which the arms manufacturers and fictitious security intimate associates of the families who rule the country between a gallon of oil and one of whiskey chased an entire people and we hold him prisoner inside a black crisis that has devastated all hope of being, any residual safety.
What transpires is a lost country in her fear, paralyzed after tax ajar, sweaty hands to take up a fetish of security capable of delivering death with the pressure of an index. The ease with which you weigh the lives of others in favor of our personal egoism: wanting to live in a fortress that no one should violate.
It does not matter if you pay the entrance will be a teenager in life. It does not matter if it was unfair to kill him if he was not doing anything wrong. It ‘took was a feeling, a perception of danger. A country that lives the danger every day, even when there is not. At that unfortunate country have been given the keys of government in the world, tens of hundreds, perhaps thousands, I do not know, of nuclear warheads capable of incinerating the planet and the army more deadly in the world. Now you’re worried about?

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